HomeAway 2018 Partner Summit
Rethought, redesigned, and successfully pitched a new branding approach to how forHomeAway's user conference. This first ever sold-out conference features bold, bright and engaging imagery that welcomed and focused on our partners vacation rental business potential. 

Improved sentiment for 82.4% of attendees
Delivered relevant content 9.4/10 rating for content
44% engaged and adopted new product offerings onsite
2019 VRMA Spring Forum: Booth Buildout
Led the art direction of HomeAway's booth build outs. The booths included a 10ft and 20ft backlit walls and  included 3 free-standing kiosks. The overall goal was to create a unified, welcoming space for the HomeAway, HASP and Expedia Group brands at the 2019 VRMA Spring Forum.
2016 SpiceWorld IT Conference Swag Shop Display
Created an innovative, approachable, human-centered design using hand-lettered, custom typography.
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