'Mike the Mechanical Marketer'
Created, designed, and photographed a robotic character named
"Mike the Mechanical Marketer" to educate tech marketers to market a
with a human-centered approach to IT pros.
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The Process
The imperfect cardboard robot head (aka 'Mike') was made by hand. The robot head was built with cardboard, spray and acrylic paints and a little rubber cement. This prototype was photography for custom imagery for a research report of IT hottest topics and trends and also served as inspiration for a bobble-head.
The Character
Mike's a tech marketer, but he's a cold one. His impersonal, clueless nature is present in the rut of routine of cold-calls he can't seem to stop making. Uncertainty is written in his blank stare and furrowed brows... the complete antithesis of a smart tech marketer.