Before HomeAway migrated to Vrbo, our team pitched a fun and creative way to showcase our partners, their properties and feature the value they receive from listing their homes with us. 

Testimonials are powerful. They humanize brands and allow potential customers get to see others in 'action' before they risk any of their time or hard-earned money. Good testimonials focus on facts and carry emotional elements for prospects to imagine enjoying similar outcomes. At the time we presented this, HomeAway wasn't using testimonials in campaigns the way we proposed and executed them in the creative below. Seeing this opportunity, we proposed to seek willing partners to feature and share their stories to be used in campaigns for new property owners.

Educate property owners unfamiliar with HomeAway to drive awareness of the benefits of listing their home as . vacation rental. Most people were unaware that homes could be posted as short-term rentals.

The reward?
Show that listing properties can be done with minimal effort to supplement their existing income and/or serve as a profitable, whole-home venture. This campaign was designed to show that Home Away could be a great match for homeowners to help them generate income with their homes, while they are away or on vacation.